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Effective Date: January 1, 2023

Sales Policies and Conditions


1. Cancellation and absence

  • 1.1 Any cancellation less than 8 hours before the course incurs a fee.

    Cancellations can only be made from your online MINDBODY® account.

    – for 8 and 16 course cards: loss of course
    – for unlimited access subscriptions: $10 per course

  • 1.2 Cancellation of morning classes.

    Morning classes must be canceled before 9 p.m. the day before to avoid cancellation fees.

2. Waiting list
  • 2.1 Cancellation and absence.

    If you have been placed on a waiting list and no longer wish to come, it is important to remove your name.

    Anyone receiving a place 3 hours before class will be subject to cancellation and no-show policies.

    When you register, the email notification feature is automatically enabled. If you request not to receive the notification email, it is your responsibility to verify that your name has been registered in the class.

    If you have a place more than 3 hours before class, you will be subject to cancellation and no-show policies.

3. State of intoxication or drunkenness
  • 3.1 Do not get drunk.

    The teacher may refuse to teach the lesson and ask you to leave if you are intoxicated.

Sales Policies

4. All sales are definitive. No refunds.

  • 4.1 Refusal of payment.

    – A late fee of $50 will be added for any refused payment.

    – Pole FITNESS Montréal gives you 5 days to settle the refused payment.

    – To avoid declined payment fees, make your payment within 5 days.

  • 4.2 Private lessons and BACHELORETTES

    – Don’t be late, we won’t extend your reservation

    – You will have to pay the full price, regardless of how late you are.

    – The teacher reserves the right to leave the premises after 30 minutes late.

    – We do not refund cancellations.

  • 4.3 The deposit is not refundable.

    – Please respect your departure time.

    – You can arrive 15 minutes before class and leave 15 minutes after class.

    – Studio rental fees will be charged for overtime.

    – Let us know when booking if you need additional time.

Please use the closest door at the rear of the building, on the Jean-Talon Market side and not on the Jean-Talon Street side.

The teacher may be with another group just before your reservation.
In this case, she will not be able to answer a call. The rear door (Market side) will be unlocked.

Julie Paillé