Master all the basics of Pole Dancing in static and spin mode.

Climb & Spin

Learn how to climb, leg grip and hang in static and spin mode. You will work on spins, dance moves and choreography.

Basic Inverts

In this class you will be working the basic inverted tricks, pole handstand figures and some spins on a static pole.

Intermediate Combo

Choreography with the moves learned in Climbs & Spins and basic Inverts. We fly and play with all the acrobatic moves that you will have learned.

Advanced Combo

Sky is the Limit!

Pole Insanity

Boot Camp!
This class will help you build your strength and improve your cardio. Bring your running shoes and you will sweat your life!


Here you'll acquire the strength and flexibility to preform fluid and graceful movements on the pole. You'll also learn follow-up exercises that you can do at home.


Acro-Équilibre (handstand)

Learn the art of the handstand on your head, elbow and hands. You will work the core muscles and the body alignment. Handstands are an excellent way to train your body for aerial acrobatics.


You will have fun while working with different Pilates techniques using balls, aerial apparatus etc... It is restorative exercise that will help you release body tension and help with body alignment and make those core muscles stronger.


Have fun with energetic and sexy dance choregraphies. Learn the choreography, work that cardio and sweat.

WTF:Wort That Floor

Bring your high heels and work that floor like a stripper. Learn sexy floor routines. Whether you've mastered your pole tricks or have yet to touch a pole. Floor Play is the perfect class for you. Learn sexy, sultry floor movements and accents to embellish your pole technique and help make your movement truly your own.


VideostyleFrom hip hop to feminine and sexy videostyle, come learn the urban dance styles that have the commercial as the underground world moving. You're envious of Beyoncé's finesse, would like to master Ciara's choreographies but would like to have some «street» flavour, come join us for the Videostyle class in which we will be exploring a variety of different styles that the contemporary hip hop world offers us nowadays.

Ballet Classique

balletInspred by the classical ballet basics, will make you discover the art of movement. You will learn to move with grace and fluency while working your strength and flexibility.

Booty Ballet

balletIn the art of burlesque, the body is our main tool for expression. We need to keep it tuned up and ready to "Raaawr!" Booty Ballet offers a coquette melding of ballet sequences, burlesque moves and muscle-training. Ballet movement is equally as effective at building strength as it is at improving elegance and flexibility. Burlesque "bump n' grind" loosens the joints and engages the core and strength-training gives you a perky sitter to be proud of. We will come out of each class feeling like booty-licious burlesque babes! We will also build a group choreography to be presented at The Wiggle Room at the end of the session!

Burlesque Tease

balletLearn artful and innovative removals of a new iconic costume piece each week! Each of our six classes will focus on one of the following: gloves, stockings, corset, panel skirt, boa, and jacket/cape. An introductory segment will present a short fashion history of the garment, the sensual significance of the part of the body it covers, and a couple inspiring removals by today's stars. The bulk of each class will be hands-on learning of how to manipulate each costume piece for maximum impact. All rehearsal costume pieces provided (students will be asked to bring own corsets where possible).

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